2014 WWII, Korea & Vietnam Re-enactment
June 20 - 22, 2014

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Lest We Forget Sponsors International WWII Tour

Southwestern Michigan's Lest We Forget organization is sponsoring the tour "WWII and The Western Front," commonly referred to as the "Band of Brothers Tour." The tour, to take place in summer of 2014, will give you a tangible connection to the most crucial moments of World War II. You will stand where the soldiers fought, see where the leaders met, and walk where the civilians lived. The tour will range from Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms in London, to the D-Day beaches of Normandy, to the battlefields at Bastogne and the historic sites such as Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate and the Wall in Berlin. For a very nominal fee the tour can be extended three days to Nuremburg, Munich and Salzburg where you will see the Dachau concentration camp, Hitler's Eagle Nest at Berchtesgaden and much more. You will truly experience first-hand the war that changed the world forever!  
This historic tour is produced by Education First Educational Tours (EF) of Cambridge MA,  the international leader in educational tours for group travel. EF has been in existence for over 50 years and has over 400 offices and schools in over 50 countries around the globe.
Make history come alive for you and your grandchildren. Showing them where you or a member of your family served during WWII will provide a sense of history, reality and a greater understanding of your military experience. We will have a full-time EF tour director accompany our group and at each of the stops there will be expert, licensed local guides. Tour includes eight overnight stays (11 on the extended tour) in hotels and one night ferry accommodation--crossing the English Channel. 
You will travel from July 14th to 24th, 2014 (or through the 27th if you take the 3-day extension). An introductory meeting is scheduled for Aug 21st, 2013 at 7 pm at Lake Michigan College's Benton Harbor campus in the Blue Lecture Hall. Be certain to attend to learn more about this impressive itinerary which takes you from England to France, Belgium and Germany.
The cost for this 11 day tour is $3,810 for students under 20 and $4,205 for adults.  With the three day extension the cost is $4,295 and $4,690.  To view this tour online, go to www.eftours.com/1449819   For questions call Don Alsbro at 269-921-7176 or dealsbro@comcast.net.





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