Board of Directors

Lest We Forget is headed up by a dedicated Board of Directors. Each is dedicated to veterans' causes and honoring those that served our nation and those that serve us today.

LEST WE FORGET Board of Directors with Affiliations:

  • Larry Wozniak, President Emeritus;  - Captain US Army (1969-1975). Assigned to the 1st Engineer Battalion, Ft. Riley, KS before transferring to 535th Signal Company, 39th Signal Battalion, Plantation, Viet Nam (1971). Manager of the Park Inn / Super 8 from 1990-2011. Larry has served on boards at the Southwestern Michigan Tourist Council, Support Our Troops, Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce and Lake Michigan College Hospitality Advisory Board. He was on the West Michigan Tourist Association board for 10 years and served as President 2007-2009
  •  Donald Alsbro,  Past President; Colonel US Army (Ret). Don served two tours in Vietnam and received a Doctorate in Education from Wayne State University. He has since retired from Lake Michigan College as health and physical education professor, developed a national health program called "Dump Your Plump" and is President of Rainbow Wellness, a health promotion business. Don is a co-founder of Lest We Forget and the originator of the award winning WWII, Korea and Vietnam "Lest We Forget" documentaries. For his many volunteer activities and role in community leadership, Don received the Liberty Bell Award from the Berrien County Bar Association-2008 and the Margaret B. Upton Volunteer Leadership Award-2009.
  • Vern Breuker, Treasurer - 
  • Josephine Dewey, Secretary
  • Lee Scherwitz, Vice President - Web Master. Retired SMSgt (26 Years) United States Air Force.  . He served his country 1965 - 1991 during three wars. He has held many interesting and diversified positions with the Air Force, some of which are: Chief of Maintenance/Maintenance Superintendent; Maintenance Standardization Evaluator for Head Quarters United States Air Forces Europe Logistics Staff Assistance Team; Technical Assistance Field Advisor to The Egyptian Air Force, conducting transitional training from Russian aircraft to newly acquired American aircraft as part of the Camp David Accord for Egypt.
  • Lew Burchard, Sales - 
  • Meg Serafino, Parade Coordinator - 
  • Rod Krieger ,  Board Member - 
  • Ken Mckeown, Board Member - Chief Photographer.  Ken attended Illinois State Normal University majoring in business. He worked in the financial industry for Dun & Bradstreet in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. After 40 years with Credit Bureau of Benton Harbor & St. Joseph and Merchants Credit Bureau, Inc., Ken retired as Operations Manager. Ken served as President of Associated Credit Bureaus of Michigan from 2001-02 and has been a member of St. Joseph Kiwanis since 1964. He served as President from 1993 to 1994. Ken has been a member of the Twin City Camera Club since 1971, serving as its President in 1980, 1991, 1997, 1998. He has been President since 2004. Ken has always been interested in photography and serves as Chief Photographer for Lest We Forget.
  • Marvin Abott, Board Member - Logistics/ Library Display.  Captain US Army(1961-1968) Active duty at Ft. Bliss, TX and Ft. Knox, KY.  Company Commander & Bn S-1, S-3.  Reserve duty- Benton Harbor, MI, XO 511th BARC Platoon.  Belong(ed) to a number of civic organizations and joined LWF
  • Dessie Hardin, Board Member
  • Gust Anton, Board Member / Special Projects. - Some of my experiences are: I had the opportunity of being a combat photographer in the Korean War 1952-53. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and enjoying the company of Frank Buckles, the last living Veteran of WWI. I have seen the group I joined in 2009 grow from 31 in 2009 to, 300 plus souls who have taken up the banner of the of ” LEST WE FORGET" and succeeded to grow to be 300 plus Volunteers and still going strong.