Past President and Founder's Message

Have you ever felt that history, particularly military history, isn't being taught in our schools like it was in the "good old" times? Why is it that many of our high school graduates, some say a majority, don't know who we fought in WWII, who bombed us at Pearl Harbor or worst yet, believe that the holocaust never happened? Our children are not being taught the basic principles that have made this country great!

"Lest We Forget" was started by a group of veterans who felt that patriotism was too important of a subject to be given the short shrift that it presently receives in our schools and community. Our operating principle is "To brighten the future we must illuminate the past."

If you go to the History page, you will see that we've "illuminated the past" through WWII re-enactments, patriotic concerts, presentations by Medal of Honor recipients, presentation of the American flag to Frank Buckles, our last WWI veteran, TV telecasts to schools throughout the country, participation in local parades, made presentations in our schools on the flag, presented college classes on WWII, Korea and Vietnam wars, published a book of WWII stories by local veterans and much more.

If you live in Southwest Michigan we welcome you to our organization. We meet on a monthly basis. Membership in "Lest We Forget" is NOT limited to males and veterans. LWF is open to ALL individuals who are interested in promoting our nation's heritage. We have always operated under the old acronym: "TEAM-Together Everyone Accomplishes More". Please join our team!

If you aren't from this area, why not consider starting a Lest We Forget program in your area? Lest We Forget's patriotic concept CAN and SHOULD be duplicated in communities throughout the United States! All it takes is a group of patriotic individuals who believe that this country's future depends on us adults passing our heritage on to future generations.

Remember, "Freedom is NOT free!"

Patriotically Yours,

Don Alsbro, Past President & Founder
COL, US Army (ret)
Lest We Forget


Rest In Peace: Donald E. Alsbro, Col, US Army (ret)

May 20, 1940 - February 21, 2024

Lest We Forget Member #1